NOW is the Time for Potato Planting in North Texas

Digging Deeper: Growing Potatoes Most potato varieties are not grown from seeds, but rather from “seed potatoes”, or small potatoes grown specifically for the purpose of propagating new potato plants! […]

Rooted In’s Top 100 Plants for North Texas!

You asked and we delivered! The Rooted In team is thrilled to present our new “Top 100” plant list– complete with our favorite Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Grasses, Vines and Groundcovers! […]

The Best Living Christmas Trees For Texans!

8 Living Christmas Trees (that will actually grow in Texas!) A living Christmas tree is perhaps the most eco-friendly option for those who like to grow plants AND make lasting […]

We’re Hiring!!!

  Are YOU Interested in Joining the Rooted In Team?! Garden Gnome-It-All (aka Garden Center Concierge)   (Part Time- Seasonal) Position Description: We need another employee that totally digs providing guidance […]

5 Types of Plants BEST Planted in Fall!

Perennial Flowers- Although many Texas tough perennials can be planted throughout the growing season with success, fall is generally regarded by experienced gardeners as the BEST time to plant in […]

7 Texas Tough Plants that LOVE the Shade!

Is your landscape “throwing shade”? These 7 plants just might be the solution to your landscape’s low light levels! Designed to thrive in areas that receive less than 5 hours […]