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We are pleased to offer a robust catalog of class offerings, customized lectures, and keynote speeches. Our nationally recognized environmental specialists are each dynamic and accomplished orators who can help make your next event a success. 

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A HUGE thank you to each of our conservation partners for another successful season! With the challenges that 2021 brought, we are truly blessed to be rooted in such an incredible community of environmental educators and look forward to working with you in the coming year!

The Rooted In team is thrilled to present the courses listed below, now offered for 2022. By request, we’ve included both foundational standards along with exciting new additions.

Each program is taught by a regional expert and includes relevant, engaging subject matter, focusing on a trendy gardening subject. Courses include catchy titles and punny descriptions to entice attendees to attend! In addition, each environmental program covers the current best management practices– along with an introduction to basic water conservation and stormwater management principles. Plus, they’re each packaged in an entertaining and informative, sustainably minded presentation, built on a holistic approach to horticulture and landscape water use.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Basics Transform your space into a landscape you can enjoy and be proud of! Learn basic design principles, plant placement and get a sneak peek of the newest trends so you can “do it yourself” and save big! Plus, learn pro tips with resources to help pick the right plant for the right spot and design for reduced maintenance needs or water use!

Native Plant Design: Blending Beauty and Function Gardening with native plants doesn’t mean giving up your yard to the weeds. Plants indigenous to Texas can look stunning, especially when artfully combined to take advantage of their unique forms, textures and colors! Native plantings can make a great addition with design styles to please every taste– traditional, cottage, modern, or architectural! Learn how to cultivate key strategies from natural systems to control your landscape while still enjoying their dynamic, natural beauty. This class will send you home with the dirt from cutting-edge landscape designers, teach you to plant like a pro, plus we’ll help you find the balance between sensational and sustainable to make your neighbors green with envy! 

Plant Combos & Companions You know the plants, now learn the combinations that will make each of your planting’s pop! This class will help you create year-round aesthetic beauty by combining plants that offer refreshing seasonal interest with vibrant contrasting colors and textures. Learn how to improve visual harmony while getting to the root of those problem areas. Revamp poor drainage zones, deep shade spots or heat islands with ecologically friendly combos that will save you time and money. Companion plantings can even optimize the success of your edible garden by utilizing natural biological controls! Grow your garden design skills with these innovative concepts and bring the wonders of the botanical world to your landscape.

Plant Selection

Cool Off with Shade Gardening Does your landscape have problem areas where nothing seems to grow? Do you have mature trees and areas where your turf is receding? Are your trees throwing shade?  Don’t accept being shaded out. Instead, take advantage of these cooler landscape areas! Learn about the many native and adapted plants that not only survive, but thrive, in shadier spots– along with tips and tricks to create beautiful shade gardens that beat the Texas heat. We’ll also cover gardening under mature trees as well as turf alternatives and hardscape options for low-light areas.

Grow Native: Plants For Texas Dig into the growing trend to incorporate native plants in landscapes, both for their incredible beauty and the countless ecosystem services they provide! Learn how to grow our favorite native wildflowers, trees, shrubs as well as perennials with lush vibrant colors and textures to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. We’ll also talk about design tips, soil preparation, proper installation, and provide tips for long term maintenance to keep your native landscape looking its best. We’ll also provide a plant list as big as the Lone Star State!

Bulletproof Plants The harsh and unpredictable Texas climate is one of the greatest adversaries to a lush and vibrant landscape. Your greatest defense is to arm your landscape with adapted plants that can withstand the barrage of heat and drought that the growing season is sure to bombard us with! We’ll cover our ROOTED IN “top 100” bulletproof plants– perfect for safeguarding your landscape against even the toughest conditions. You’ll also learn how proper soil preparation, proper planting and site selection can help you triumph, even against the toughest landscape conditions. Plus, we’ll branch out with plant combinations that look their best together to bring peace and tranquility for a garden that’s beautiful and healthy year-round.

Trees for Texas Trees are without a doubt, our most valuable landscape investment, but sometimes their care can leaf folks confused. Branch out and join us to learn tips on tree selection, proper planting practices, as well as proper watering, pruning, common insect issues and diseases. Whether you’re interested in trees for their ornamental value for your property, their contribution to energy and water savings at your home or business, or the many other ecosystem services they provide, it’s covered in the canopy of this class!

Turf Management

Lawn Care: Green with Envy Revitalize your turf with a simple, effective approach to lawn maintenance. You will learn the best lawn care methods, efficient watering techniques, plus simple fertilizer, and pesticide application to reduce pest issues. We will help you create a lush and healthy lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy!

Edible Gardening

FoodScaping: Eat the Yard One of the hottest trends in garden design pears plants that both look and taste great! Learn pro tips to design your landscape into a space that produces fresh food for your table and a fun project for the whole family. We’ll also dig into specific herbs, fruits and vegetables that can add to the colors and textures of your permanent landscape with Rooted In’s top 100 edible plants list!

Grow Your Own Vegetables Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, want to know where your food comes from, or just love the idea of growing delicious vine-ripened vegetables at home, this class is for you. Lettuce talk vegetables! Learn proper soil preparation, garden design and layouts, disease and insect identification, as well as the proper planting times for getting the most production out of your favorite vegetables in the challenging climate of North Texas.

Fruits, Nuts and Berries: Growing Your Urban Orchard Whether you’re trying to grow (or planning to grow) fruits, nuts and or berries at home for their superior flavor, to save money, or just want to know where your food comes from, this class is for you! This program gets to the core of how you can become more sustainable in your “urban orchard” from the beginning, what plants and varieties work best in our area, the basics of pest control, proper pruning methods and other practical ways to increase production. Branch out and join us for a fruitful program!

Let’s Ketchup on Tomatoes Every vegetable garden wants a bumper crop of this delicious fruit! But, the most sought-after garden treasure can be challenging to grow in the extreme climate and soils of North Texas. We’ll go into depth, providing tips on how to get the most production out of your tomato plants covering everything from variety selection, proper planting, best irrigation practices to pest and disease control. No matter (or ‘mater) your gardening skills, this class is sure to be sweet!

Herb Your Enthusiasm: Herb Gardening Essentials Get the most out of your landscape and kitchen garden by choosing from the assortment of tasty and beautiful herbs adapted to Texas. We’ll talk about everything from design and plant selection, proper soil prep and planting techniques, and transition to the many uses of our favorite herbs inside and outside the home. This class is sure to be a great thyme!

Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife Friendly Landscapes: Gardens That Give Back Native and adapted plants are not only beautiful, low maintenance additions to the garden; they can be useful tools to attract beneficial wildlife as well! Learn ways to attract and provide habitat for butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial animals that bring your landscape to life with activity! If you’d like to keep your landscape well-manicured, or if you take a more naturalistic approach, we have tips to meet your needs, suit your taste and capture your imagination!

Butterfly Gardening: Flitter, Flutter, Flowers Are you interested in butterfly gardening– but have just been winging it?! Butterflies are welcomed visitors that bring our landscapes to life with activity in addition helping to pollinate our favorite plants. Learn easy and practical tips to create butterfly habitat in your landscape. We’ll also cover resources for selecting the right plants as host species for caterpillars. Plus, you’ll learn all about our favorite native and adapted flowers that provide long lasting blooms as nectar sources to help your garden take flight!

Sprinkler System Operation and Maintenance

Sprinkler Systems 101 Sprinkler systems can seem a bit confusing, but they don’t have to be! This class simplifies the parts and components of your in-ground sprinkler systems with easy-to-follow tips on how to operate and set your controller, PLUS we’ll provide a well of water saving tips to keep your lawn and landscape looking good year-round. Join us to save blue while growing green! 

Sprinkler Systems 201 This class dives deeper with easy-to-follow tips, like how to determine your sprinkler system’s optimal run-time by conducting a simple catch can test. We’ll also discuss how to operate your controller to cycle and soak to better and more accurately apply water to you home landscape.  Will also talk about new irrigation technology that allows you to control your system remotely and components that help reduce, flow, pressure and better and more accurately apply water to your lawn.   Know when to water and when to wait!

Sprinkler System Spruce-up Water you doing to set your landscape up for success? Save water, money and time by giving your sprinkler system a “Spruce Up”.  Learn how minor do-it-yourself repairs and simple irrigation tips can make a MAJOR impact on the health of your landscape and your water bill. If you’ve got questions about your controller or how much your lawn and landscape really needs, we’ve got a stream of info to get your plants looking their best!

Drip Irrigation DIY Make every drop count! Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method for landscape beds, potted plants, vegetable gardens or home foundations. Whether you have an existing sprinkler system or just an outdoor faucet, learn how to install, convert and maintain a drip irrigation system. The flow of information from our experts will make “do it yourself” drip irrigation seem easy!

Gardening Trends

Houseplant Horti-couture If you’ve botany interior plants lately, you already know gardening indoors is one of the fastest growing trends in horticulture. This program will dig into the basics of indoor gardening with tips on selecting the right container, picking the right spot for sunlight needs, plus we can’t leaf out proper watering and fertilizing to keep your urban jungle growing season after season! We’ll also introduce the easiest-to-grow interior plants to grow for beginners with exciting foliage colors, shapes!

Perfectly Planted Pots: Container Gardening Once you sign up for this class, you won’t be able to contain yourself! If you have a small yard or patio that needs a pop of ornamental color, are frustrated with the poor soils on your property, or just simply don’t have the space to grow your fruits and veggies, then give container gardening a try. Gardening in containers is a great way to grow your horticulture skills! This course is such a fun way to put the Spiller, Filler and Thriller back in your life and your landscape. 

Horti-Couture: Garden Trends for 2022  With over 20 million NEW gardeners, many of our recent challenges of the past two years have elevated gardening to one of the most popular hobbies in America. Learn about the newest and hottest design trends from our Rooted In experts as they dig into the best new plant varieties on the market in North Texas. Designed for both beginners and green thumbs alike, this class is sure to get to the root of everyone’s plant questions. Presenters will showcase new trees, shrubs and flowers to pick from and the best ways to keep them thriving for seasons to come.

Landscape Maintenance

Dig into Composting Compost is the single greatest soil amendment you can add to set your garden and landscape up for success! Learn how to make high quality compost at home using materials most folks throw away. We’ll give you the dirt on the most effective composting materials and methods– with a focus on practical techniques and piles of problem-solving tips to get your compost system back to its peak.

Spring into Gardening: Tips to get Growing Are you ready to take your landscape to the next level this year?! If you’re having trouble controlling unwanted plants in your lawn and landscape or if you’re confused about when to water and when to wait, this class is for you. Learn the best approach to managing weeds effectively without the overuse of chemicals (or your time)– so you can reap the rewards of a greener environment.  We’ll also go out on a limb with tips on when and what to prune back, plus we’ll branch out with an overview of simple pruning techniques. We’re sure you’ll have so mulch fun!  

Fall into Gardening: Tips to Grow on Are you ready to take your landscape to the next level?! Fall is a perfect time to give you’re landscape a refresh.  If you’re having trouble controlling unwanted plants in your lawn and landscape or if you’re confused about when to water and when to wait, this class is for you. Learn the best approach to planting and maintenance without the overuse of chemicals (or your time)– so you can reap the rewards of a greener environment.  We’ll also go out on a limb with tips on when and what to prune back, plus we’ll branch out with an overview of simple pruning techniques. We’re sure you’ll have so mulch fun!  

Digging In: Soils, Site, and Bed Preparation This groundbreaking program will provide the foundation your garden and landscape needs for long term success! We’ll simplify nitty gritty terms like soil texture, structure and pH while providing tips on how to amend your site conditions for happy, healthy plants. This class will also dig into the benefits of raised beds, plant selection based on soil type and give an overview of yearly maintenance to improve soil health. With piles of information, you can be sure this fundamental program is rooted in fun!

Harvesting Rainwater

Catch the Rain: DIY Rain Barrel Class This class is sure to be a barrel of fun! Experts agree rainwater is the best water for your lawn, landscape or vegetable garden. Join us to learn simple techniques on how to divert, store and use one of nature’s best resources for the garden. We’ll also pour through the basics and benefits of rainwater harvesting and how it can reduce the effect your stormwater has on the environment. This class is hands on “DIY” where each participant will build and take home a 55-gallon rain barrel at $60 dollars each. Rain barrels are recycled food-grade containers and are roughly 24” wide by 36” tall.

Rainwater Harvesting- Larger Systems If you’ve taken our rain barrel class, you’ve learned that 50 gallons of storage might just be a mere drop in the bucket for your needs! This program covers design, construction, maintenance, and benefits of a large rainwater collection system. Participants will learn how to calculate rainwater capture and detailed design of an above ground collection system for your home, ranch, or business’s outdoor water needs. We’ll also navigate the river of ever-changing legislation and code surrounding rainwater harvesting.

Rain Gardens: Where Beauty Meets Functionality Designed to beautify the landscape, while at the same time taking advantage of water that would otherwise run down the storm drain, rain gardens and bioswales are a great way to increase your rainwater harvesting capacity. Learn the basics of rain garden design and maintenance along with an overview of the flood of plant material that can thrive in these enticing garden features. We’ll also provide a stream of resources to help you tackle this DIY project or choose the right people to help you get growing.

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