Our innovative horticulture and conservation experts can help your project take root.

Through education, conservation, and community collaboration, Rooted In offers a holistic, science-based approach to meeting the demands of an ever-changing Texas landscape.

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Rooted in Garden Tips

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Pop-Up Fruit Tree Sale

Oakleaf Hydrangea

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Learn from the experts how to take your backyard, home garden, or at-home conservation work to the next level. Our seasonal courses offer something for everyone.

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We are Rooted in


When people know better, they do better. A heart for teaching inspires all that we do.


We strive to provide the most recent science-based information to our clients and the public.


Efficient use of all our natural resources helps us reclaim disturbed urban land, improve soil productivity and water quality, as well as conserve water resources.

Water Conservation

As rapid population growth continues to put strain on our water resources, it’s more important than ever to create and instruct others in efficient water use practices that are easy to adopt.


Together, our successes benefit the region we call home while making natural spaces more enjoyable for all.


Pooling our resources and partnering with like-minded groups helps us all collectively achieve a common goal. By joining forces, we can expand our reach for greater results.


By shaping perceptions and changing behaviors around water conservation and environment stewardship, we are planting the seeds for a more sustainable future.

Good Habits. Great Results.

Conservation can only begin with education. We believe in the willingness of people to do better once they know better — and our program results speak for themselves.

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