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Rooted In Plants, Design, Education, and Community:

Rooted In Plants, Design, Education, and Community:

In the heart of North Texas, our innovative boutique plant nursery and landscape design firm, is digging deeper by redefining the traditional gardening experience. “Rooted In” stands out for its ownership and management by highly experienced horticulturalists and renowned landscape designers. We are committed to ONLY carrying, and showcasing plants that are both well-adapted to, and which actively benefit our North Texas ecosystem. We specialize in plants that support wildlife, help conserve our precious natural resources, as well as those which provide food for both people and pollinators.


Expert Level Service:

At the core of Rooted In’s success is a passionate team, consisting of some of the state’s most recognized plant experts– who own and operate the nursery. Armed not only with advanced degrees in horticulture, they also bring a wealth of real-world knowledge and experience– as former plant scientists with the State of Texas. Their expertise goes beyond the typical nursery staff, with accomplished horticulturists who, as educators, continue to provide trainings for the state’s best professional landscape and nursery groups, landscape architects, licensed irrigators as well as regional, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist and Native Plant Society chapters across the region.

The entire Rooted In group is committed to ensuring that customers receive accurate, compassionate, and personalized expert-level guidance for all their gardening endeavors.

We also offer a full suite of garden-centric classes, partnering with cities and municipalities across North Texas. Most are free to the public and are offered both online and in person. Visit to sign up now.


Landscape Design Vision:

If you choose to utilize our acclaimed landscape design services, you’ll be assured that your landscape will be designed ONLY using the toughest tried and true plants that we stand behind– resilient to the often harsh and unpredictable weather North Texas throws our way. Our unique combination of knowledgeable, detail-oriented, AND masterfully creative designers are at the root of our holistic approach to landscaping—with extensive experience in high-end residential and commercial landscape projects. Whether customers are looking to enhance their home, business or public spaces, Rooted In can provide expert advice on plant placement, design aesthetics, and overall landscape planning.


Local Ecosystem Focus:

Unlike generic box stores or chain nurseries that may on carry a broad range of less-than-adapted plants, Rooted In takes pride in curating ONLY the highest quality plant selection– specifically tailored to the North Texas climate and our challenging soils. By focusing on plants that are native to, or truly adapted to the local region, this ensures that customers are investing in greenery that is not just beautiful– but also financially and ecologically sustainable. This commitment to our local ecosystem aligns with a broader environmental consciousness, promoting biodiversity and resilience in our plantings across the community.


Educational Initiatives:

Rooted In goes the extra mile in educating customers about the importance of choosing region-specific plants, and how to keep them looking their best. From informative signage to workshops and events, the nursery actively engages the community in understanding the significance of planting choices. By fostering a culture of awareness, Rooted In empowers customers to make informed decisions that contribute positively to the North Texas environment.


Community Integration:

Beyond being a mere retail space, Rooted In strives to become an integral part of the local community. Hosting events, collaborating with schools, and participating in environmental initiatives are just a few ways in which the nursery connects with its surroundings. This community-centric approach not only enhances the overall experience for customers but also reinforces Rooted In’s commitment to fostering a greener and more sustainable North Texas.

Rooted In stands as a beacon of innovation in the North Texas gardening scene. Through the unique blend of expert ownership, landscape design vision, and a dedicated focus on the local ecosystem, this plant nursery has become a go-to destination for those seeking not just plants, but a comprehensive and sustainable approach to landscaping. In choosing Rooted In, customers are not only investing in the beauty of their surroundings but also contributing to the flourishing harmony of the North Texas environment.

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