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Catch the Rain: DIY Rain Barrel Class


This class is sure to be a barrel of fun! Experts agree rainwater is the best water for your lawn, landscape or vegetable garden. Join us to learn simple techniques on how to divert, store and use one of nature’s best resources for the garden. We’ll also pour through the basics and benefits of rainwater […]


Trees for Texas


Trees are without a doubt, our most valuable landscape investment, but sometimes their care can leaf folks confused. Branch out and join us to learn tips on tree selection, proper planting practices, as well as proper watering, pruning, common insect issues and diseases. Whether you’re interested in trees for their ornamental value for your property, […]

Rain Gardens: Where Beauty Meets Functionality


Designed to beautify the landscape, while at the same time taking advantage of water that would otherwise run down the storm drain, rain gardens and bioswales are a great way to increase your rainwater harvesting capacity. Learn the basics of rain garden design and maintenance along with an overview of the flood of plant material […]

Landscape Design Basics


Transform your space into a landscape you can enjoy and be proud of! Learn basic design principles, plant placement and get a sneak peek of the newest trends so you can “do it yourself” and save big! Plus, learn pro tips and resources to help pick the right plant for the right spot and design […]

Herb Your Enthusiasm: Herb Gardening Essentials


Get the most out of your landscape and kitchen garden by choosing from the assortment of tasty and beautiful herbs adapted to Texas. We’ll talk about everything from design and plant selection, proper soil prep and planting techniques, and transition to the many uses of our favorite herbs inside and outside the home. This class […]

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