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Landscape Design Basics

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Transform your space into a landscape you can enjoy and be proud of! Learn basic design principles, plant placement and get a sneak peek of the newest trends so you can “do it yourself” and save big! Plus, learn pro tips with resources to help pick the right plant for the right spot and design […]

FoodScaping: Eat the Yard

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

One of the hottest trends in garden design pears plants that both look and taste great! Learn pro tips to design your landscape into a space that produces fresh food for your table and a fun project for the whole family. We’ll also dig into specific herbs, fruits and vegetables that can add to the […]

Sprinkler Systems 101

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Sprinkler systems can seem a bit confusing, but they don’t have to be! This class simplifies the parts and components of your in-ground sprinkler systems with easy-to-follow tips on how to operate and set your controller, PLUS we’ll provide a well of water saving tips to keep your lawn and landscape looking good year-round. Join […]

Plant Combos & Companions

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

You know the plants, now learn the combinations that will make each of your planting’s pop! This class will help you create year-round aesthetic beauty by combining plants that offer refreshing seasonal interest with vibrant contrasting colors and textures. Learn how to improve visual harmony while getting to the root of those problem areas. Revamp […]

Houseplant Horti-couture

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

If you’ve botany interior plants lately, you already know gardening indoors is one of the fastest growing trends in horticulture. This program will dig into the basics of indoor gardening with tips on selecting the right container, picking the right spot for sunlight needs, plus we can’t leaf out proper watering and fertilizing to keep […]

Sprinkler Systems 201

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

This class dives deeper with easy-to-follow tips, like how to determine your sprinkler system’s optimal run-time by conducting a simple catch can test. We’ll also discuss how to operate your controller to cycle and soak to better and more accurately apply water to you home landscape. Will also talk about new irrigation technology that allows […]

Native Plant Design: Blending Beauty and Function

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Gardening with native plants doesn’t mean giving up your yard to the weeds. Plants indigenous to Texas can look stunning, especially when artfully combined to take advantage of their unique forms, textures and colors! Native plantings can make a great addition with design styles to please every taste-- traditional, cottage, modern, or architectural! Learn how […]

Dig into Composting

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Compost is the single greatest soil amendment you can add to set your garden and landscape up for success! Learn how to make high quality compost at home using materials most folks throw away. We’ll give you the dirt on the most effective composting materials and methods-- with a focus on practical techniques and piles […]

Wildlife Friendly Landscapes: Gardens That Give Back

Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Native and adapted plants are not only beautiful, low maintenance additions to the garden; they can be useful tools to attract beneficial wildlife as well! Learn ways to attract and provide habitat for butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial animals that bring your landscape to life with activity! If you’d like to keep your […]

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