Drip Irrigation DIY

Town of Prosper Community Room 250 W First Street, Prosper, TX

Make every drop count! Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method for landscape beds, potted plants, vegetable gardens or home foundations. Whether you have an existing sprinkler system or just an outdoor faucet, learn how to install, convert, and maintain a drip irrigation system. The flow of information from our experts will make “do […]

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Texas Tough Plants

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The harsh and unpredictable Texas climate is one of the greatest adversaries to a lush and vibrant landscape. Your greatest defense is to arm your landscape with adapted plants that can withstand the barrage of heat and drought that the growing season is sure to bombard us with! We’ll cover our ROOTED IN “top 100” […]

Sprinkler Systems 201

Town of Prosper Community Room 250 W First Street, Prosper, TX

This class dives deeper with easy-to-follow tips, like how to determine your sprinkler system’s optimal run-time by conducting a simple catch can test. We’ll also discuss how to operate your controller to cycle and soak to better and more accurately apply water to you home landscape.  Will also talk about new irrigation technology that allows […]

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Wildlife Friendly Landscapes: Gardens That Give Back

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Native and adapted plants are not only beautiful, low maintenance additions to the garden; they can be useful tools to attract beneficial wildlife as well! Learn ways to attract and provide habitat for butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial animals that bring your landscape to life with activity! If you’d like to keep your […]

Catch the Rain: Rain Water Harvesting

Town of Prosper Community Room 250 W First Street, Prosper, TX

This class is sure to be a barrel of fun! Experts agree rainwater is the best water for your lawn, landscape or vegetable garden. Join us to learn simple techniques on how to divert, store and use one of nature’s best resources for the garden. We’ll also pour through the basics and benefits of rainwater […]

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