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New “Yuccas” Offer a Variety of Blooms


Most folks are familiar with the traditional red yuccas (which are not true yuccas but rather Hesperaloes) but you may not know that these bulletproof native bloomers also come in a variety of colors and sizes! If you’re looking for big no fuss summer blooms for a harsh sunny spot, dig in to the selections below!



Size (H x W): 2ft x 2ft

Flower Color: Red

Whether the name refers to the color of the deep-red, compact flowers or the action of your foot hitting the brakes to give this Texas native show-stopper a second look, it’s one of the newest and most popular red yucca cultivars to hit the market.




Size (H x W): 3ft x 3ft

Flower Color: Pink

One of the more compact selections, their grey-green rosettes mature at 30” tall and wide. Spiked pink-orange blooms include incredible side branching for increased floral density. And because it produces very little seed, it has an extended bloom time spring through fall.




Size (H x W): 4ft x 5ft

Flower Color: Yellow

This yellow version Hesperaloe sends up long-lasting bright yellow blooms that contrast its gray-green arching foliage, providing interest year-round.




Size (H x W): 4ft x 4ft

Flower Color: Pink

This cross between two beautifully tough Texas plants (Hesperaloe funifera and Hesperaloe parviflora) provides the best of both, with large, wide bright-green leaves and 8-foot-tall pastel pink flower spikes favored by wildlife and passers-by.


Size (H x W): 3ft x 3ft

Flower Color: Burgundy

This selection has unique maroon flowers on an upright and compact flower spike, blooming spring to summer. Although it prefers full sun exposures, it can reportedly handle partial shade as well.




Size (H x W): 3ft x 3ft

Flower Color: Red

More compact than traditional hesperaloes, Sandia Glow tops out with gray-green foliage 3 feet tall and wide. Watermelon red flowers explode on large showy flower spikes in spring, but can bloom again in the fall.



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