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Garden Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and for the gardener mom in your life, you can’t go wrong with a plant based gift. Dig into the ideas below to tap into the nurturing nature and enjoyment of the gifts that keep on giving!

Pretty Pots and Planters- 

Some of the best gifts are those splurges that you know mom might not buy on her own! The Perfect pot can step up the décor or plants inside and out and we’ve a great selection of pots, baskets, macrame plant hangers and tins to highlight any plant pallete!

Garden Themed Pillows- 

Give the gift of comfort with cozy pillows and pillowcases that allow mom to relax and enjoy the garden from the comfort of the indoors when the weather outside is less than optimal for garden chores!

Easy-to-grow Houseplants-

Lets face it, some moms are better at taking care of kiddos than plant babies and that’s totally ok! We specialize in the easiest to grow indoor plants that thrive without much attention at all! Pick from striking foliage of Sansevierias, Pothos, ZZ Plants, Peperomia or wow her with the blooms of Kalanchoe and Bromeliads!

Fabulous Fruit- 

One of the sweetest gifts for mom are the edible plants that give fruit throughout the year! Choose from “core” favorites like peaches, plums, blackberries, grapes, and figs! Or branch out with a pomegranate, elderberry, or loquat for something unique and appealing!

Botanical Prints- 

Floral prints are another great way to gift mom something to inspire her favorite hobby without adding to her garden to do list! And with one of the hottest trends in interior design, you can help grow her style with these amazing wall hangings!

Perennial Blooms- 

While giving flowers to mom on her special day is nothing new, you might be intrigued by our huge selection of blooming plants that will bloom all growing season and will come back year after year with little effort! Every perennial plant we carry is Texas tough and well adapted to our unique climate and extreme soils to set mom up for success!

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