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Digging out of the Pandemic : a Return to the Potager Garden

Digging out of the Pandemic

While undeniably (and understandably) growing fears and frustrations, this pandemic has also grown something else; a multitude of new gardeners. One estimate showed in increase of over 20 million new gardeners, across the United States, in the past year. Another survey estimated that long-time gardeners are spending up to 40% more time in the garden. For many, the focus was growing edible plants. But those who dig traditional vegetables, herbs and fruits have another option, beyond the symmetrical, often weed infested rows.

 le jardin potager

Unlike traditional food gardens, (which are often mini-versions of farm plots) potager gardens or traditional “kitchen gardens” have incorporated edible plants with ornamental splendor! For added function, a potager garden (called a kailyaird in Scotland) is located just feet from the door nearest to the kitchen. For centuries, this prime real estate has had to compete with pristine lawns and showy perennial beds– so its no wonder that kitchen gardens have long served as a central feature of the landscape, designed with year-round appeal!

Home Harvest: A Modern Potager Garden

Chosen equally for their beauty, flavor, and usefulness this modern potager garden appeals to the senses, layering a palette of colors across the garden plot…that are destined for the plate. Designed with contracting colors and textures that create a sense of drama this 125 sq ft kitchen “garden in a box” incudes 12 unique ornamental edible herbs and flowers curated by our expert horticulturist, to thrive in the sometimes harsh and unpredictable Texas climate. With 24 easy-to-dig starter plants and 3 plant-by-number designs from which to choose, your natural potager garden will take root in no time– providing flavor and flare for season after season. Year-round interest is anchored with blooms spring, summer and fall with evergreens that provide a foundation of interesting foliage.

The Plants:

The Designs:


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