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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth day is Thursday, 4/22 and you better beleaf the team at Rooted In will be celebrating! We hope you’ll join us (and the rest of the state) and branch out with one of these fun tips to give back to mother Earth!


Start Saving From a Rainy Day

Rainwater is THE best water for plants (both indoor and in the landscape) and the best part is that it’s a completely free natural resource that falls right onto your roof. How easy is that?! It can even help save you money and prevent a high summer water bill! The easiest way to get your fill is by taking a FREE rainwater harvesting class from Rooted In. Go green and save blue with one of our pre-made 55-gallon rain barrels that can be picked up for $55 from one of our easy drive-thru events.


Recycle Your Scraps to Make Compost

Compost is without a doubt the best soil amendment for your plants. In addition to helping recycle nutrients that plants need, it helps our soils infiltrate more water and hold that water longer– throughout the drier parts of the growing season. Plus, it helps keep food and landscape wastes out of our landfills, a growing problem all over Texas. For “piles” of info on how you can get started hire us for a horticulture coaching session where we’ll take about the right system for you!


Plant a Native Plant!

Native plants are adapted to our sometimes harsh and unpredictable climate. When planted in the right spot, they can add incredible, natural beauty– while at the same time helping to provide habit for our beneficial pollinators. Plus, most are super easy to maintain and thrive through summer droughts once established! Check out some of the native and adapted shrubs we have on sale or dig into  a FREE class to learn more!


Check Your Home (and Garden) for Leaks

A leaky faucet or showerhead can waste over 300 gallons per month and a running toilet can waist over 6,000 gallons! But a leaky or unmaintained sprinkler system that runs automatically (when you still might be asleep) can waste well over 10,000 gallons each month!!! There’s no sense in paying for water that flows unused down the drain or storm drain. For easy to follow steps on how you can make a splash by reducing leaks, visit our friends at and sign up for a FREE irrigation class.


Take a Hike or Bike!

Spending time with friends and family at a local park or preserve is not only good for our mental and physical health, but it can be good for the health of the planet as well! This time of year, you’ll fall in love with our state’s amazing wildflowers all over again. Consider bringing gloves and some extra trash bags with you and pick up litter along the trail. You might be surprised how much fun you’ll have and how much your local greenspace can use a little love. The biggest source of water pollution is debris from our unban areas and the more we pick-up, the more our entire community will benefit!

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