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5 Gardening Trends for 2021

  1. Get back out there: The number one garden trend for 2021 is simply gardening in general.  Get back outside and begin planning your next garden adventure.  With the pandemic, most have discovered or rediscovered their love for the outdoors and their desire for their own personal green space.  Whether it is a beautiful, lush perennial bed full of year-round color or growing your own food, get out there and make it happen.  Most importantly, be present in your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  2. Container gardening:  With urban environments becoming increasingly more congested and real estate at a premium, outdoor spaces have appeared to shrink.  This is no illusion, as many new apartments, townhomes and yes, even duplexes have begun monopolizing the real estate market.  Squeezing in as many people as possible into highly desirable urban areas, but don’t let this discourage you!  “Where there is a will there’s a way”, or in this case, “where there is a balcony, there is a potential green space.”  Container gardening is one of this year’s top trends.  Turn any patio, balcony, or rooftop into a green destination!  Many of our native, adapted, and edible plants thrive in containers.  Not to mention the colors and styles different containers and outdoor furniture offer a space.
  3. Grow your own:  Are you a foodie that’s always wanted to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Well, join the millions of other home gardeners and grow your own!  The weather in north Texas affords the opportunity to grow a plethora of edible plants.  From small back yard plots, raised bed gardens, containers and even home hydroponics systems, there is an option to fit your space and suit your needs.
  4. Rewilding:   With Bee and monarch populations dwindling there is an ever-growing movement to help nurture them back by rewilding our home landscapes.  Perennial, native, and pollinator gardening has not just become a trend but a necessity across the globe, so whether you want beautiful pollinator plants for the bees or native trees and grasses to provide refuge for the birds, let’s all get out and rewild our urban environments.
  5. Color trends: Every year new colors are announced as the new design colors for the year.  This year’s colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.   This color pallet has so much potential in the garden.  Incorporating these colors not only provides visual interest with their complementary color schemes but they will give your landscape beds a refresher.  To bring gray tones into your garden consider planting Gray Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus) and Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens).  Yellow happens to be the most dominant color pallet in nature giving us lots of plants to choose from.  Some of our favorite combinations are Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia spp) and Zexmenia (Wedelia hispida).  Combine these yellows and grays and you have yourself a fresh trendy new look for your containers or landscape beds.

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